The corrected log N-log fluence distribution of cosmological γ-ray bursts


Recent analysis of relativistically expanding shells of cosmological γ-ray bursts has shown that if the bursts are cosmological, then most likely total energy (E$_0$) is standard and not peak luminosity (L$_0$). Assuming a flat Friedmann cosmology (q$_0$=1/2, łambda=0) and constant rate density (h̊o$_0$) of bursting sources, we fit a standard candle energy to a uniformly selected log N-log S in the BATSE 3B catalog correcting for fluence efficiency and averaging over 48 observed spectral shapes. We find the data consistent with E$_0$=7.3$_-1.0$$^+0.7$×10$^51$ ergs and discuss implications of this energy for cosmological models of γ-ray bursts.

American Institute of Physics Conference Series