Unraveling the dynamics and kinematics of GRB hosts with high resolution spectroscopy


In the last years the research on GRB host galaxies has proceeded to more detailed studies both using high resolution afterglow spectroscopy and spatially resolved spectra of nearby hosts. High resolution spectra give a detailed picture of the kinematic properties of matter along the line-of-sight in the host. Two afterglow spectra show clear indications for outflows from their host, namely GRB 030329 and GRB 060206, derived from the position of absorption and host emission lines, nonvariability of Mg I and the radiation field calculated from fine-structure line detections. In nearby GRB hosts it is possible to resolve the actual GRB site. GRB 060505, a SN-less GRB, originated in a relatively metal poor, star forming region with similar properties as other long-duration hosts. A similar conclusion is reached for the site of GRB 980425/SN 1998 bw.

American Institute of Physics Conference Series