deepCR: Cosmic Ray Rejection with Deep Learning

Cosmic ray (CR) identification and replacement are critical components of imaging and spectroscopic reduction pipelines involving solid-state detectors. We present deepCR, a deep learning based framework for CR identification and subsequent image …

SkyPortal: An Astronomical Data Platform

Fernando Pérez, Winner of the 2013 Free Software Foundation Award

[This is a repost of my blog entry March 23, 2013 on the blog site. There's nothing new here since that posting…I'm just consolidating my blog posts to one place. Some detailed comments on hackernews followed the original post. - Josh] Today, my friend and colleagueFernando Pérezwon theFree Software Foundationprize. It was presented by Richard Stallmanat theLibre Planet Conferencein Cambridge, MA. I cannot think of someone more deserved of such aprestigiousrecognition.